Tony A


Because my primary drive is being ready to adjust when the job goes south, I have giftedness for being to work on time. I recognize that the value that I bring to the organization is working for balance within conflicts. The ideal environment for me to work is one where independent thinking is valued. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of being extreme, My Response Under Pressure is being flexible or not. I perceive my Blind Spot to be a lack of kindness. I can begin to compensate for this by being kind.

Complementary Team Members: S/IC, I/S, S/I, S/CD

Their individual giftedness that complements my own is their easiness to work with. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is getting positive results. Why I need him or her on my team? They are sensible and cooperate with others well.

I like a challenge and independent thinking.

I don’t like projects that require long-term critical analysis or fun activities without a goal.