Sharon J


Because my primary drive is using cautious inspiration and methodical systems to promote modeling and communicating excellence, I have real giftedness for analyzing information and expressing ideas to others. I recognize that my value to the organization is I’m a great deep thinker and an open communicator. My ideal environment in which to work allows structure for open evaluation and sharing ideas. Because of my fears/dislikes of criticism and insufficient time to complete tasks, my response under pressure may seem hard to please, self-deprecating, or worrisome. My blind spot could be remaining objective when confronted with criticism. I can begin to work on this by accepting critiques and being open to change.

Complementary Team Members: D/IS, S, S/DC, S/I

Their giftedness that complements my own is their ability to carefully accomplish their responsibilities. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is their stability and ability to be a team player. Why I need them on my team is their focus, model for responsibility, and supportive team roles.

I like an established structure, order, and the time necessary to validate my work.

I do not like accommodating imperfections or making quick decisions.