Michael S


Because my primary drive is to become a leader, I have real giftedness in working hard. I recognize that the value that I bring to the organization where I work is that I am a hard worker, very dependable, and will always strive to succeed. The ideal environment for me to do this work is a friendly place and a place that knows when to succeed. When I face my fears/dislikes of not being educated about the job, my response under pressure may be to let me figure it out on my own. Even though no one naturally sees his or her own blind spot, I perceive mine to be that I'm very guarded until I trust that person. I can begin to compensate for this blind spot by being shy.

Complementary Team Members: S/I,S/C,S/CD,C/S

Their individual giftedness that complements my own style is working very hard. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is to show me how to be more professional. Why I need them on my team? To learn how to other people do things, then to turn it into my own.

I like being organized.

I do not like dishonest people.