Chris M


Because my primary drive is being goal-oriented and always looking for new and exciting goals to achieve, I have real giftedness in utilizing what I have to meet goals. I recognize the value that I bring to the table is my ability to finish projects with logic and high productivity. The ideal environment for me to work in is one with individual projects and small teams. When I face my fears/dislikes of slow activities and micromanagement, my response under pressure can be inconsiderate, but self-reliant. I perceive my blind spot to be taking over projects, which I can begin to compensate for by regrouping and reassigning tasks.

Complementary Team Members: S/I, S/C, S/CD, C/S

Their giftedness that complements my own is they are dependable and someone I can trust to get ‘er done. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is their ability to maintain balance and keep peace and productivity high. Why I need him or her on my team? Instead of increasing my workload, they’ll be dependable and efficient in work ethic and finish their work.

I like a challenge and a variety of activities.

I don’t like repetitive routine takes or slow activities.