Chris J


Because my primary drive is finding innovative, practical solutions, and resources to better solve problems and getting the job done no matter what, I have giftedness in critical thinking, debate, and looking outside the box. I recognize the value I bring to the company is synthesizing old info into new forms and quick thinking. The ideal environment for me to work in leaves freedom for debate, independent thinking, and learning growth. My fears/dislikes are the inability to make decisions and lack of influence, so my response under pressure could be going for the jugular, overbearing, or unfeeling. My blind spot is a lack of kindness or allowance of human error. I can work on this by taking a step back and communicate clearly and positively about the work being done and needing to be done.

Complementary Team Members: I/S, S/I, S/IC, S/CD

Their giftedness that complements my own is being team players, relating with focus, and flexibility. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is being supportive and detail oriented. Why do I need them on my team? They keep the work flow moving, promote team work, and give me time to make bigger decisions.

I like a challenge and inventing new ways of doing things.

I don’t like responsibility for minor details or being restricted to one work environment.