Chelsea H


Because my primary drive is cooperating as part of the team for validating data, I have real giftedness for commitment to quality and order. I recognize the value that I bring to the job is gathering and processing data while maintaining accuracy and quality. The ideal environment in which I work is where specific assignments are given. When I face my fears/dislikes of confrontation or unclear orders, my response under pressure is to act hesitantly, scared, or less efficiently. Although no one can naturally perceive their blind spot, I believe mine to be overanalyzing things. I can begin to compensate for this by trusting in the stability of my team and company, as well as taking a step back to let others help.

Complementary Team Members: I, I/C, I/S, I/SC, S

Their individual giftedness that complements my own style is their ability to bring personality and fun to the team. Their value to the organization, which I need most, is their ability to help me become more personable and including me as a valuable part of the team. Why I need them on my team? They are good tension breakers and melders of personality types.