Very Few People Plan on Having Fire Damage

Not many people plan on having fire damage in their businesses. However, people still take precautions for the unforeseen catastrophe by putting smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems throughout their buildings. Companies typically have plans for how to react if a fire does happen to start in their structure. These plans may cover anything from how to help fight the fire to how to exit the building and where to meet up outside. These protocols are in place to help keep people from being harmed in the event of a fire. Afterward, what happens when a business has been damaged by fire?

Fire Damage Restoration After the Blaze

In the unfortunate aftermath of a fire, there are a lot of things to consider. First, the fire department will inspect the structure and make sure that it is ok for people to be in it. If the building is not declared a total loss, then restoration efforts can begin. One of the things that people may not be aware of is that smoke will damage just as much and more of the building than the actual flames. Since there are paint, plastic and other synthetic materials in most buildings, the smoke can be thick and damaging. It will permeate almost everything and leave a lingering odor that is difficult to remove with just your average cleaning supplies.

Water Removal After A Fire

One other thing that most people do not consider is what happens after a sprinkler system goes off. If your building has a fire sprinkler and it goes off, you may have a watery mess on your hands. Sadly, it’s not like in the movies where this crystal clear water pours out to douse the flames. The water inside the pipes is very stagnant, and so the water comes out dark and odorous. This turbid water will help put out flames, but it will also leave a nasty mess behind.

Luckily, unlike in the movies, these fire prevention sprinklers will only go off individually. We’ve all watched as someone takes a lighter and holds it to a head and then the whole building looks like its raining inside of it. In reality, each sprinkler has to have enough heat melt a small spacer that is holding the water in place. In the end, there will only be nasty water where there were flames.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Service in Abilene, TX

After a fire, there is a slew of things that are going to require attention, from the cleanup and restoration to the handling of insurance. ServiceMaster by A-Town/Hi-Tech uses cutting-edge mapping technology to help give insurance adjusters a clear picture of the extent of the damage. Our technicians will quickly and efficiently help to remedy any problems from water and odor removal to fire and smoke damage repairs. We are ready to help you in the event of an emergency 24/7 so contact us if you ever experience a fire and need help.