After 17 years in the industry, I’m still amazed how water works. When you have a water leak, burst or issue, water is going anywhere and everywhere it can. Most people focus on the obvious, the floor. Not realizing that water doesn’t run along the walls and around the corner and around the doorways. It goes under the wall, in the wall and all around, if it can. These wet materials can potentially become a mold problem later if not addressed.

No matter how big or small always call a professional restoration company to have them inspect and assess. Most will perform this inspection for free or a minimum charge. This expense will be much less than a mold issue later on. We have specialized equipment that allows for us to locate moisture in the walls, under the cabinets, in/under the flooring.

Anytime a building material gets wet, there are 2 choices. Dry it out or cut it out. There are no exceptions to this rule. Most materials that we build our homes with can be dried in place, to include sheetrock, carpet and most padding, and saved with the right restoration company who has received this specialized training.