Have Children Destroyed Your Floors?

If you have young children, that means that your house has more than likely already seen some rough times due to the young ones. The messes start in their infancy while they are struggling with motor functions. Don’t get me wrong it may be a little cute at first to watch them play in their food. Still, the stark realization that dinner time is just a mess waiting to happen begins.

Next, we have the stage referred to as the terrible two’s. That term can be deceiving as this penchant for mess-making seems to last well past age 2. Now, I’m sure it varies from child to child, but most kids are discovering new things and testing boundaries. During these developmental years, walls, and other surfaces become canvases for art. This phase can also lead to experimentation with gravity and drinks. All in all, the early years of children can lead to some potent stains.

It’s Not Just the Floors

Upholstery in and out of the home is also under attack from children. Many parents can sympathize with reaching down between two couch cushions while looking for the remote and feeling something unexpected. From half-full juice boxes to partially consumed candy, the sticky messes you can find are practically limitless.

Now, inside a vehicle, it just gets worse. Cereal, cracker snacks, and all manner of liquids get spilled across the seats and floors. The same mess that goes on in your home is now contained inside your car. It almost makes you believe in spontaneous generation. You may even start out thinking that you won’t allow drinks or food in your vehicle. In the end, once you realize that bag of goldfish crackers will stave off the crying on a long trip, its over.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Abilene, TX

If you have a child in your house, chances are you might need a deep cleaning done to your floor and upholstery. A routine schedule for professional cleaning services in your home will help you not only stay clean but extend the life of your carpet and furniture. ServiceMaster by A-Town Hi-Tech has a wide variety of industrial tools and cleaners at their disposal to remedy even the worst of messes. So when your young children have let slip the dogs of war upon your home, you can contact us anytime. We will respond as quickly as possible and work hard to get your home or vehicle looking and feeling its best.