Trauma Scene Cleaning and Biohazard Cleaning Services

When you hear the words trauma or biohazard, many unpleasant ideas may pop into your head. A scene of trauma can be an intense situation that sticks in your mind for a long time. You may be emotionally drained after having been subjected to such an unfortunate ordeal. These bad memories can be especially hard to forget if the accident happened in the home. Bad things happen in life, and sometimes we are left on our own to pick up the pieces. At ServiceMaster by A-Town/Hi-Tech, we offer our services to those who have had accidents or other tragedies in their home or business with our trauma scene cleaning services.

When an accident occurs in the home, EMTs, firemen, and police may respond to the scene to help anyone who may have been hurt. While they are there to help you and your family at that moment, they aren’t going to help with the aftermath that may be left in your home or business. For most people, having to deal with the necessary cleaning that needs to be done may be too much to handle right after a tragedy has struck. Our services allow you to take care of more important things while we tend to your home or business. Our hope is to spare you any more unpleasant moments than you have already suffered.

Discrete Cleanup Service

It is understandable to need for help in these types of dire situations. We offer our services 24/7, and we will respond as quickly as possible to help you in your time of need. We also understand the need to be discrete. Our unmarked vehicles will arrive so that you can maintain your privacy as we help you to get your home back in order. This discretion will help keep from attracting any more unwanted attention from being directed towards the scene. Our technicians are dedicated to helping maintain your privacy while they perform their duties.

Abilene, TX Trauma Scene Cleanup Service

ServiceMaster by A-town/Hi-Tech will approach each trauma scene with the compassion, sympathy, and professionalism that you deserve. We understand that discovering a crime scene or watching a loved one suffer a catastrophic accident can be emotionally devastating. As such, we will work with respect and empathy while we tend to your needs. If you need us to respond to a trauma scene, please contact us for help.