Odor Removal Services Can Make that Smell Disappear

If you like to buy old homes and fix them up to flip them, you may be aware that sometimes these homes require a massive deep cleaning before you can even begin renovations. Often times this is one of the reasons they have a cheap price tag. Mold, mildew, fire damage, animal urine, and sewage are a few of the smells that can permeate throughout one of these types of houses. Some smells and odors can be almost impossible to remove without the right tools.

Sadly, no amount of renovation or visual appeal can mask the impressions we get from our sense of smell. Essentially, it doesn’t& matter how nice the houses look if the potential buyer walks in and is hit with a terrible odor. That bad first impression is not going to help them want to buy the house. This can be very problematic for people who are trying to turn a profit by buying and renovating homes. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to odor removal.

What is My Best Option For Odor Removal?

The best option for odor removal is to call in a team of professionals. We are trained and fully equipped to be able to professionally and effectively remove many types of odors from any home. Whether it be decaying protein, sewage, smoke, skunk, animal urine, garbage, food odors, or fuel, We can successfully remove the smell. It is important to remove odors because many of the smells can cause physical illnesses such as headaches and vomiting. ServiceMaster by A-Town Hi-Tech is equipped to eliminate airborne odors using special filters that go way beyond the use of charcoal filters. These lower grade charcoal filters are used by other companies and they just don’t quite work, sometimes. We also have an array of products that will not just merely mask the odor but will completely remove it.

Odor Removal Services in Abilene, Texas

If you are looking for someone to come in and remove terrible odors from a home that you have just purchased so that you can restore and re-innovative so that it can potentially be appealing to other buyers, then contact us at ServiceMaster. Allow us to come in and deodorize and remove the odor that is plaguing the home. Just call us to set up a consultation so that we can come up with a plan that best suits the smell that is causing the problems. Different odors require different ways to eliminate them. From skunk spray to mildew and mold, things can get really stinky, and we can take care of it for you.