We receive approximately 10 inquiries a week concerning mold issues. On average 9 or the 10 are not a mold related issue, it’s a poor indoor air quality issue. Since the primary symptom for mold is allergenic symptoms, anytime someone encounters these symptoms, most assume mold.

After a quick visit to properties we see there is no carpet in the home, dust bunnies rolling around under the furniture, air ducts have a slight build up, furniture is dusty, and ceiling fans have a buildup on the leading edges of each blade. Mold remediation is an expensive process here in Texas, so if we can locate and narrow down other issues and deal with them on a more cost-effective basis, then that is what we want to do.

So, after educating our customer on vacuuming, sweeping and dust mopping more often and having a professional come to clean air ducts, carpet or hard surface flooring, most symptoms go away. The best part, an arm and a leg haven’t been paid to correct a non-existent problem.