Water Heaters Can Make a Huge Mess

Almost every house across the U.S. has a water heater to provide hot water for cleaning and bathing. Now, there may be a few exceptions where people have outdoor setups that are solar powered. But, for the most part, everyone faces the problems that can come with a water heater in their homes or businesses. Some typical snags occur when it comes to a water heater. First, the pilot light can go out. This problem can be easily remedied by either relighting it. Sometimes, the flame might be out because the thermocouple needs to be replaced. While there are many technical problems that can occur, the most annoying one may be a water leak.

Since the heater is warming up its contents, there is an increased amount of pressure which means its easier for leaks to manifest. Also, the constant expanding and contracting that goes on with these units can lead to leaks, as well. Sometimes the leak comes in the form of an audible rupture and sometimes it can just be a low drip.

Water Leaks in Your Home

Water Heaters aren’t the only thing that can leak in your home, but they may be easily overlooked. Most of them are in their secluded closet. They also make a lot of noise so you may not hear a small leak. The main problem is that a slow and undetected leak can cause a lot of issues over time. The wood and other porous material in the area around a leak with begin to saturate. Because of the heat emitted in the area, this becomes a perfect place for mold to grow. If left undetected, the problem can get out of hand quickly.

Because of standards set forth by the EPA, it’s recommended that a team of qualified professionals remove any areas of mold that occupy 10 square feet or more. Between, the health impacts that mold can cause and the structural damage, it may be in your best interest to quickly resolve the problem. ServiceMaster by A-Town High-Tech can help you with any emergencies 24/7. We can remove any mold and excess water and make sure that the problem can no longer spread throughout your building.

Mold Removal Company/ Water Damage Restoration Company in Abilene

Disasters happen in all shapes and sizes. From leaky roofs to burst water heaters, water damage can be a seemingly overwhelming mess. We will come and remove any excess water and help restore your home to its former glory. Our IICRC certified company ready to help you when you need it the most! Contact us if you have a water or mold problem in your home or business.