Do You Have Hard Flooring in Your Home or Business?

Having a professional cleaning service come to clean hard flooring surfaces may not be the first thing to come to mind. You may think that carpeting is the only type of flooring that ever needs a deep cleaning. However, it might be in your best interest to give your hardwood, tile, or similar flooring a deep clean.

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

For the most part, replacing hardwood floors is expensive. Over time, traffic, pets, spills, moving furniture, and other common actions can dull the luster of your hardwood floors. One option that you have to restore your hardwood floors is to have them sanded and refinished. At ServiceMaster by A-Town/Hi-Tech,we offer a much less expensive way to breathe life back into your floors. Our experienced technicians can help to extend the life of your floors and help them bounce back from everyday wear and tear. By using various chemical treatments, scrubbing techniques, and PH balance neutralizing agents, we can achieve a professional level of clean for your hardwood floors. A planned schedule for routine hardwood floor cleaning can help keep you from prematurely having to resurface or replace them.

What About Tile Floors?

Another common type of hard flooring is tile. Tile floor can be made of anything from concrete, granite, or other stone, to VCT. However, anyone who has had to deal with the upkeep of a tile floor in their home knows that the tiles aren’t the most difficult part to clean. It’s the grout that is typically the most problematic part involved in the cleaning tile flooring. Because grout typically lies lower than the tile and it’s also porous, it will be the catch-all for anything that builds up on your floor.

Dirt, grime, spills, pet hair/dander, and food can build up in the grout of your tile floor. Over time, the grout can discolor and the change may be so gradual that you don’t really notice. ServiceMaster by A-Town/Hi-Tech can get your tile floors looking clean and fresh again. By using industrial grade cleaning agents, techniques, and equipment, we will help remove soil and grime and leave your tile floor professionally cleaned.

Hard Surface Cleaning Service in Abilene, TX

No matter what type of floors you have in your home, if you need help, contact us. We would love the opportunity to demonstrate our professional and courteous service to you while we tend to your home or business’s needs. Our technician/estimator has over 8 years of experience and, along with our team of professionals, can help remove dirt and grime to help improve the look of your floors.