All the Benefits of Coverage

Area rugs have a plethora of benefits when used in a home. They can help to fill an open space and add a splash of color to a room. A well placed oriental rug can completely change the atmosphere of the house. As the saying goes, that rug really ties the room together.

Beyond aesthetics, area rugs are also very useful to protect your carpet or hardwood floors. Many people will use them underneath different tables and other furniture. It helps to be able to put a cushion between your permanent flooring and the many feet that walk across it, as well. Another benefit that they add is to help with noise reduction in your home as it can reduce the echo that can exist in rooms with hardwood flooring. Area rugs can also help with allergies. Due to their fibrous nature and their placement, area rugs will absorb lots of dirt, dust, and pollens that would typically be in the air.

The Need to Clean Area Rugs

Area rugs are typically placed in high-traffic areas so that they receive a lot more wear and tear than other parts of the floor. They may also be more prone to acquire stains since people often have them under dinner and coffee tables. It is, for this reason, the area rugs must be cleaned on a regular basis. Vacuuming and spot cleaning may clean these items on the surface, but it may not be cleaning deep enough. Since they take the brunt of foot traffic, a professional deep cleaning schedule can help care for them. This service uses industrial strength equipment and cleaning supplies that you can’t just buy at the local market. It is, however, a surefire way to extend the life of your items. Area and Oriental rugs are an investment, and we can help keep yours looking pristine.

Area Rug Cleaning Service in Abilene, Texas

If you have an area or oriental rug that could use a thorough professional cleaning, then ServiceMaster by A-Town Hi-Tech is at your service. Our Certified Master Rug Cleaner will remove deeply embedded dust, dirt, dander, and allergens. As part of our service, we can come to your home or business and pick up the desired items. When our 9-step cleaning process is done, we will deliver back and place it down for you. Contact us if you need our area rug or oriental rug cleaning services, and we’ll take care of everything.